School Rules


  • At the first call bell all the students shall assemble for morning prayers.
  • A Student who remains absent on particular day shall not be allowed into the class unless his/ her parent comes personally or sends a written note explaining the absence.
  • No half leave or leave for shorter period will be given to a student, particularly to a girl unless parent comes personally or sends a written note to this effect.
  • For full day leave of the student, the parent shall have to seek permission in advance. This shall, however not apply to leave on grounds of sickness.
  • Students shall go home direct as soon as they are free from school and shall not stay away anywhere else.
  • A student who is above fourteen years of age and remains absent for six days continuously, his/her name shall be struck off the rolls and may not be readmitted unless there is a valid reason for doing so.
  • For students who are less than fourteen years of age and remain about continuously for six days, an information t this effect will be sent to the parents for ensuring regular attendance. In case no action is taken on this information, the name of the student shall be struck of the rolls without further notice.
  • A student shall have a complete at least 75% of attendance in order to be eligible for appearing in the quarterly, or annual examinations.


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