Ms. Saroj Bala

Position: PGT (English)


Having done an M.A in English from Meerut University, Ms Saroj Bala also possesses a Degree of Education from Delhi University. She strives to maintain a positive environment in her classroom and believes in passing all her knowledge to the coming generations and inspires them to follow their hearts and take the lead.


Ms. Priya Bhatnagar

Position: T.G.T. (English)


Ms Priya Bhatnagar did her schooling from Bhartiya Mahila Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School in Delhi. She holds a B.Ed. degree from Jamia Millia Islamia University. Being a genuine, self motivated educator, she always tries to improve herself. The best part of her personality is that she never gives up. Ms Priya Bhatnagar has unexplained faith in her student’s inbuilt talents and tries to guide them through her learning. Her lessons make them feel fascinated with the subject and challenge them to give their best. She believes that the most valuable teaching occurs when the learning can give students self esteem which can make them shine on a global platform.


Mr. Krishan Chander

Position: TGT (English)


With a B.A from Delhi University, followed by B.Ed. from IGNOU. Mr. Krishan Chander has been a part of the school for several years. He seeks new challenges and tries to think out of the box while looking for creative solutions to a given problem. He believes in values, vision and action. As an English teacher he strongly believes in creating a reading culture for his students, which further proves to be essential for building language competencies.


Ms. Sunita Kumari

Position: PGT(Hindi)


Ms Sunita Kumari has a B.A and M.A degree in Hindi from the Delhi University and B.Ed. from Jamia Millia Islamia. Her extremely hardworking, sincere and energetic behaviour allows her to interact with students to a great extent. She always strives to maintain a supporting and pleasing atmosphere in her classroom in order to support positive learning of students. Her experience over the years allows her to manage and teach any class without any hesitation. Ms Sunita Kumari believes in establishing trusted relationships with her students.


Ms. Sangeeta Yadav?

Position: T.G.T. (Hindi)?


Ms. Sangeeta Yadav is an M.A ( Hindi) from Kurukshetra University and B.Ed from Jammu University and M.Phil from Kurukshetra University. She is extremely true, hardworking and passionate about her subject and motivates her learners to build confidence and make remarkable achievements not only in the subject but overall spheres of life. She feels that teaching is a lifelong process and her relation with her students doesn’t end with the end of school life rather is cherished forever.


Ms. Jolly Sharma

Position: T.G.T. (Hindi)


An M.A in Hindi and B.Ed in the same subject, Ms Jolly Sharma is a strong believer of the quote “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

She is deeply attached to the subject as she feels Hindi is a subject with a soul. She always tries to make the learning lively and effective for her students so that maximum justice to moral, social, cultural ethics and etiquettes can be done which are a must for a student to become a responsible citizen. Her learning is mostly value based, keeping the content of the subject intact.


Dr. Arun Kumar

Position: PGT( Mathematics)


Dr. Arun Kumar possesses an M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. and P.G.D.S.L.M from various Universities. He has been a part of the school for the last 17 years. He is extremely passionate about teaching & working with students and has efficient classroom management and effective discipline skills. He promotes positive behaviour & change in the classroom. His aim is to promote all round development of students.


Ms. Mamta Sharma

Position: T.G.T. (Mathematics)


Ms. Mamta Sharma acquires an M. Sc. (Mathematics) & Bachelor of Education degree. She is an enthusiast to find new and easy ways to make students understand Maths logically. Every possible and desperate effort by her is taken to assist her students in understanding the basics of Mathematics. Ms Mamta always maintains a reasonable reputation by being laborious, caring and a lucid educator. She believes in providing constant motivation and guidance to her students.


Mr. Anand Kumar

Position: T.G.T. (Mathematics)


Mr. Anand Kumar graduated from M.D University, Rohtak and did his Post Graduation from Dr B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra. Not only does he possess degrees in Mathematics but is also an M.A (English).

He has a rich experience in teaching mathematics for more than 17 years. The subject requires high thinking skills and reasoning abilities which lacks in a few students. However our school with the help of experienced teachers like Mr Anand Kumar gives the best and easy solutions to each of every question and strives to take away the fear of mathematics from students.


Dr. Arjun Singh

Position: PGT (Chemistry)


Dr. Arjun Singh has an M. Sc., B. Ed., M. Phil, Ph. D., M.A. (Edu.), PGDSLM, PGDM. (CSM), PGDET from various universities. He is an extremely learned individual and takes in immense pride to instill his knowledge in the future generations of the country. He makes the subject extremely interesting for students. Dr. Arjun Singh believes in interacting with the students more as their friend than as their teacher.


Dr. Manpreet Kaur

Position: PGT (Physics)


Dr. Manpreet Kaur is an M.Sc and B.Sc. in same subject from Delhi University and posses M.Phil.in same subject from Madurai Kamaraj University.

Being a teacher brings huge responsibility to shape the lives of young ones. Dr. Manpreet Kaur tries to teach the subject in a way which allows the students to remain interested and fascinated by various concepts and not lose interest. She tries to connect the dots of the subject and real world which makes it easier to understand and learn.


Ms. Anita Verma ?

Position: T.G.T. (Natural Science)


An M. Sc (Organic Chemistry) and B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry from Miranda House, Delhi University along with a Degree of Education in the same subject. She says to have taken teaching as a passion and performs her duties with honesty and utmost sincerity. She dedicates the best of her knowledge and makes the students understand the contents of the subject in a manner which is easily understood by them. She knows how to link Chemistry with the real life of the students which in turn keeps the students interested. Besides giving academic knowledge, she is also focused in inculcating moral and social values among students.


Ms. Pushpa Dahiya

Position: T.G.T. (Natural Science)


A post graduate in Zoology from Delhi University, Ms Pushpa Dahiya is a teacher of Natural Science in the school. Her educational background also consists of a B.Sc (Zoology) Hons. from Delhi University and B.Ed from M.D University, Haryana.

She is a professional learner and facilitator, who concentrate on the construction of knowledge and skill development of her students through constructivism and other teaching and learning methodologies. She is a dedicated professional who tries to complete assigned tasks with peers/ parents/ administration within the stipulated time frame. She says that every effort made by her is made so that her learners understand and inculcate discipline and punctuality thus ensuring success in their lives.


Ms. Indu Yadav

Position: PGT( Political Science)


Ms Indu Yadav possesses a degree in M.A. Political Science from Meerut University. She is also a B. Sc (Home Science) from Delhi University followed by B.Ed & MEd. from Rohtak University.

For her teaching as well as learning is a continuous and never ending process. She loves to be an academician and facilitator and is extremely passionate about her subject as it gives her an opportunity to contribute herself to nation building and preparation of future citizens. Ms Indu Yadav is an honest, sincere, dedicated & hardworking woman who is always ready to think and work in the interest of the students and tries to give her best whatever she does.


Mr. Rajendra Kumar?

Position: PGT( History)


Mr. Rajendra Kumar has done M.A. in History from Himachal Pradesh, M.A. in Education from Meerut University followed by a degree of Education from Delhi University. He is one of the most learned teachers of the school.

He describes himself to be an honest, dedicated, friendly and cooperative person who is always ready to help his students in whichever way that is possible.


Mr. A. M. A. Ansari

Position: PGT (Sociology)


B.A (Social Science) and M.A (Sociology), Mr. Ansari has been a part of the school as a lecturer of sociology for the past 19 years. To add to his educational background he is B.Ed and M.Ed. from Jamia Millia University. For him, teaching is a lifelong process that one should never give up on. His proficiency in the subject allows the students to understand and reach the depth of Sociology.


Ms. Sunita Khurana

Position: T.G.T. (Social Science)


Ms. Sunita Khurana is an M.A and B.Ed from Punjab University. She is extremely multitasking and always ready to accept every challenge in life. Her very cooperative and supportive nature makes her one of the favourites of students. She claims to be available at all hours to solve the problems of her students. Moreover she encourages the students to take risks and challenges in life and overcome all problems with utmost confidence.


Ms. Sudha

Position: PGT(Commerce)


A post graduate in Commerce from Delhi University with a teaching degree in the same subject, Ms Sudha is of the belief that “Teaching is a progressive occupation and the teacher must ever be a student.”

She always fosters an optimistic relationship with her students and creates a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and meeting students’ developmental, emotional and academic needs. Her students feel a special connection with her, experience recurrent communication and receive more direction and extol than denigration.


Ms. Anupama Gupta

Position: P.G.T. (Economics)


An M.A (Economics) and M.Ed (Tr. Education), Ms Anupama Gupta possesses a very strong educational background. She believes in the saying “The hardest climb brings the greatest view” meaning that hard work can bring to one the greatest joys of life. She tries to instil this saying in each and every student of hers.

As an academic teacher of Economics, she describes herself to be passionate about her subject and teaching and dedicated to giving result oriented efforts to everything. She motivates her students to build up their confidence in order to achieve their targets.


Dr. Priyanka Upadhyay

Position: T.G.T. (Sanskrit)


Dr. Priyanka Upadhayay has an M.Phil. and PhD in Sanskrit from Jawahar Lal Nehru University, Delhi. She says that for her teaching is everything. Her experience in teaching over several years allows her to present effective and efficient education to students. Her character is extremely motivating and believes that through her subject she can impart knowledge about India’s Culture and tradition in her students.


Mr. Trilok Pal?

Position: Drawing Teacher


Mr. Trilok Pal completed his Bachelor and Masters in Fine Arts from Jamia Millia Islamia University. He is highly skilled at teaching different art techniques to students of all ages. He can teach any art related topic ranging from mixing basic colors to art history. As a drawing teacher, he tries to bring out the inner artists of students to help build skills and self-confidence.


Mr. Hari Kishan

Position: P.E.T.


B. PEd from Amravati University and M.PE. from Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut. Mr. Hari Kishan is a part of the Physical Education Department of the school.

He is a strong believer in living a disciplined life and working hard to achieve goals. He believes that it is Hard work that helps you climb the stairs of success and not your Luck. His aim in school is to improve the health and fitness of students as they are the future of the country.


Ms. Neeta Khurma

Position: Assistant Teacher


Ms. Neeta Khurma possesses an M.Sc. (EVS) from Manipal University and has done her B.Ed from Rohtak. She inspires and motivates her students to strike a balance between academics and extracurricular activities. An accommodating and versatile individual, Ms. Neeta Khurma has the talent to capture a child’s imagination and mould it into a path towards his goal in life. Her supportive and joyous nature makes the study environment for students extremely friendly and motivating.


 Ms. Shilpi Bansal  

Position:   Assistant Teacher


Ms. Shilpi Bansal has done B.Com from Delhi University, M.Com from HP University and B.Ed from IP University. She is a strong believer of “Everything that is successful will begin with you believing in yourself.” She tries to impart self esteem and self confidence in her students and motivates them to do whatever it takes to reach their end goals of life. Being a responsible, dedicated and hardworking person herself, she encourages her students to be the same.


Ms. Nidhi


Position: Assistant Teacher


Ms. Nidhi did her schooling from Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School (Dubaldhan) Jhajjar (Haryana). She is extremely self motivated and an open minded individual towards new ideas and tries to inculcate the same in her students. She claims to be available at all hours for her students and gives her best in everything for the betterment of her students.


Ms. Lalita  

Position: Assistant Teacher


Ms. Lalita did her graduation from Delhi University followed by B.Ed. from I.P. University. Her students are extremely fond of her. She has a strong interest in being involved in and promoting inclusive education. She has excellent management skills and an ability to keep students involved.


Ms. Seema Alagh

Position: Librarian


A B.Sc (Gen.)from Delhi University, BLIS from Rohtak and MLIS from IGNOU , Ms. Seema Alagh is a passionate teacher who doesn’t believe in giving out answers to children but understanding their needs & giving them tools to help them in succeeding various challenges. Being a librarian she wishes to ignite the importance of reading books with passion & enthusiasm in children’s life. Her every effort is toward planting the seeds of knowledge,humanity and love in her children.


Mr. Ramesh ? 

Position: Lab Assistant


Mr. Ramesh is a graduate from Delhi University. He is a very cooperative person, willing to provide helping hand to any staff member. He is meticulous with maintaining records and keeping the Science laboratory well organized. He coordinates with different vendors to meet all the requirements of Science labs and also handles administrative tasks.


Mr. Sachin Mahajan ?

Position: Lab Asstt. ?


Mr. Sachin Mahajan is a graduate from Delhi University. He has been a part of the school since several years. He is extremely confident and organized and tries to impart the same characteristics in his students.


Mr. Binda Prasad?

Position: Lab Asstt.


Mr. Binda Prasad is a hard working man who loves students and puts his best efforts to gain their trust. He also encourages group activities which in turn enhance the student’s social skills.