Facilities & Infrastructure


We at SBM Senior Secondary School realise and understand the importance of having good infrastructural facilities for our students. We believe that infrastructure plays a very important role in the overall development of students. The school has an impressive infrastructure with all essential amenities and is spread over 7200 sq meters with strength of 850 students and 40 faculty members. The classrooms and learning spaces of the school are in good condition and thus decisive for the students to achieve the expected academic results. The spacious Classrooms make it possible for the children to study in a comfortable way and improve the interest of students and teachers in learning.

The well illuminated and ventilated classrooms are equipped with smart boards allowing students to experience education in a digital way. We believe that concepts are understood in a better way when the education to be given is presented in front of the eyes of the students. Such an experience promotes easy, fast and effective learning and is provided through smart boards used by teachers.

The school has various labs which include Chemistry lab, Physics lab and Computer labs that offer first-hand experience to students and nourish their inquisitive temper. These labs are well equipped with good quality and up to date materials. The school emphasizes on creating these labs child-friendly. Regular checks are made to ensure that the types of equipment so present are in good condition and cannot harm any student in any way, thus ensuring a safe environment for students to work in.

The school library is the heart and soul of the school as it provides the students with lots of information and details that they require. Our library on the same note offers a variety of books ranging from academically oriented books to novels. A self-study environment is essential for every individual and our library strives to offer this to each and every student of the school. From Short Storybooks, Large Reference books, journals to encyclopedias all are available in the school library. The vast collection of books helps to develop interest and a reading habit in students.

The school also has a separate section to cater to the co-scholastic domains of students. This includes well-equipped Art and craft rooms and Music rooms.

The school Clinic is present on campus. A Doctor and Nurse are present during school hours.

 For teachers, well-furnished staff rooms are present.

The school’s infrastructural facilities are managed by experienced and well-educated staff members. They ensure that the facilities so available in the school are in proper condition and are functioning throughout the year. They strive to provide the students with a hygienic and comfortable environment to study in.