Safety & Security

Each child studying in S.B. Mills School comes to a secure environment. The school emphasises on providing a safe environment to its students and takes effective measures to do so. The following safety measures are followed by the school:-

  1. The gates of the school are armed with guards at all times. The front gate is opened only for short duration i.e. during arrival and dispersal of students. Besides all other occasions, the rear gate remains closed and only the front gate is open. The guards present at the gate make sure no stranger gets inside the school premises.
  2. CCTV security cameras are installed at strategic locations all over the school to monitor the security of students and staff at all possible times. CCTV surveillance makes a note of all entry and exits in the school.
  3. The transport facilities are owned by the school. Every school bus has a guard who ensures the safety of students.
  4. The school staff is verified. No student is allowed to leave the school premises without the presence of his/her parent and signature of the Principal and Class Teacher. For the above said purpose, a Gate Pass is issued to the student from the school office and the same is maintained by the guards.
  5. Regular drills are conducted in the school to prepare the students for any unforeseen disaster. Every floor of the school is equipped with a fire alarm and fire extinguisher.

There is complete adherence to child safety guidelines by S.B Mills Senior Secondary School.

                        IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS
 FIRE  101
 Moti Nagar, Fire Station  25101151
 POLICE 100, 181
 Moti Nagar, Police Station  25937400, 25101150, 8750871124